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warg is an in-development open source registry protocol for Wasm packages. warg provides an index allowing everyone to refer to federated namespaces of Wasm packages without being opinionated about how package content is stored and hosted.

Check out our Cloud Native Wasm Day talk slides and the recording on YouTube!

What’s a package?

A package is either Wasm code (e.g. components) or an interface descriptor (e.g. worlds).


warg is…

Get Involved

Please join us in making warg a reality!!

Bytecode Alliance Registries SIG

warg is a Bytecode Alliance project within the Packaging SIG. Instructions for joining the meetings and reading our minutes can be found here.


warg has a stream on the Bytecode Alliance Zulip that you can find here.


Code and specifications are a work-in-progress, please attend our meetings before filing any significant issues/PRs.